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"Adapt or Die"

A Former Japanese POW Tells All by JD Merritt

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"Adapt or Die"

A Former Japanese POW Tells All , by JD Merritt
















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What so impresses me after finishing Adapt or Die is the quiet heroism of the author. J.D. Merritt saw his duty and accomplished it with grace and heroism. Whether sabotaging the Japanese war effort, dispatching the enemy to the Gods of Nippon, or surviving the brutality to which he was cruelly subjected, Mr. Merritt accomplished it all with sly ingenuity¸ high resolve, and sheer guts. This is also a book about love found in unlikely places and love lost, sometimes tragically and always sadly. Mr. Merritt’s recall is an impressive achievement and his writing is eloquent, urging the reader on. After reading his memoir and speaking with him personally, I can say in all sincerity that J.D. Merritt is one of the greatest of the “Greatest Generation!”

Rabbi Mark S. Miller

Newport Beach, California

From Reader Donna Weigel


Dear JD: My late husband accumulated a library full of POW books and how I wish he could have read yours. It is the best written and most interesting of all of them. I couldn't put it down once I started reading it. My brother-in-law, Dan Weigel, was among the 1800 of our POW's who died when the Hell Ship Arisan Maru was sunk by one of our own submarines.(Only nine survived) It was an unmarked ship, but we know now that our government had information that our own POW's were aboard those ships. I am so glad you have made this public in your book. You are a one of a kind fellow former Michigander and I am privileged to call you my friend.



Dear JD:

Please accept my best wishes during this holiday season, a period of rejoicing when the life sustaining rays of the conquering sun returns to lengthen our days. May the New Year also hold for you pleasant surprises and peace in our troubled world.

I received the 4 copies of your book 5 days ago and they have been properly distributed to the right parties. My son also arrived from Los Angeles bringing your book with him. Thank you for your kind dedication.

I am now halfway in the reading of your extremely fascinating book. I have a grandson who is 23 years old and when I saw him yesterday, I thought of you; I thought of how young you were when you were working in Pier 7 and going through an experience so horrible and sometimes so fascinating. Your combat experience in Bataan reminded me of Sgt. Alvin York whose life story was portrayed in one of the last movies I saw before the war broke out. I am also touched by your affection for my kababayans, my paisans.

It is Christmas morning here now. I recall the Christmas mornings during the war and I know how lonely it must have been for you spending Christmas in Bataan and in those POW camps.

Please extend my best wishes to Mrs. JD.

Salamat at maligayang Pasko!

Your kaibigan, your tomadachi!


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Speak directly with JD  --

one of the few remaining warriors of America's horrible WII debacle




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Kumasta JD!

I finished your book last night and I have

to say it was one of the best I have ever read.

Never mind War and Peace or the Odyssey.

I learned so much from reading all of

your experiences, and of your honest

and well founded opinions of MacArthur and Roosevelt.

You certainly gave us a lot to think about,

and so many examples of what it takes to survive--not just the kind of war that you went through, but all

of life's battles. And aren't there a bunch of them.

It wasn't just luck that brought you through all of that hellish misery. It seems you used all of your many talents and abilities to help you fight your

way to victory. Can you read this megasentence?





myavidreaderwriterand courageous beyond the usual meaning of the word. JD Merritt!

Thank you for sharing your stories with us. There is no thanking you and your comrades enough for all you went through. The book was fascinationg from the first to the very last page. We will read it again for further discussion.

JD do you still enjoy pansit and adobo? Would you and Linda like to come down here for some of Mac's best pansit one Sunday afternoon? We have Babalik Ka Rin on a CD. Let us know--We'd be honored to welcome you to Emerald Cove. Love to you both--

from the Macaraigs, Jan and Mac